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Takumi Series of Hitachi Ductable Airconditioners|With Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Takumi Series comes with R410A which is an environmentally sustainable refrigerant. Technically, it is a superior refrigerant having Zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) and Low GWP (Global Warming Potential). Hence, it is safe and eco-friendly.
It’s a revolutionary design of Indoor Unit that gives 27% more vertical space for ceiling designs. Now the Indoor Unit can be installed with specially designed mountings directly on to the ceiling instead of installing them with hangers. It doesn’t just offer more heights but also extra space to design interiors.


   AM050FXMDEH 5HP DVM Mini Air Conditioner

   O-Genaral Ductable and Packages Air-Condition

General the world-renowned premier airconditioning brand, now brings you a range of duct type Air Conditioners. Extreme cooling machines for commercial space that make a whole of business sense.
Extreme comfort
General duct type air-conditioners are engineered to deliver consistently powerful cooling even at high ambient temperatures. Besides the thermo sensor in the remote control lets you work in comfort at all times irrespective of the temperature outside. In fact, the sensors can be installed at various locations in your office to suit your specific needs. The temperature control is made easy by the automatic remote control.
General duct type Air Conditioners come with a host of other features like a Weekly Timer, Group Control System and Temperature Set Back Timer that help you enjoy hassle free comfort all year through.   


   Enjoy Interior Aestetics with air conditioner hidden in the ceiling

   O General Ceiling Concealed Duct Air Conditioner (11 TR) High Static JBN81100QC Capacity (TR)

FS(V)N(Y)2E Mini Heat Pumps are compact single & 3 phase 2-pipe heat pump VRF systems available in cooling and heating capacities from 11.2 kW to 15.5 kW.
Efficient performance is available because of the DC scroll compressors and fans, with COP's of up to 4.17

Compact design

Wide Operation Range up to 53°C

E.S.P. (External Static Pressure) Control

Precise Temperature Control

Standby Mode

Higher Efficiency with Twin circuit.
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